Wedding Ceremony Music

Bridal Processional

Anything at all that is listed or featured on this website could be chosen for the bridal processional. It really could be anything you like, but featured opposite are some frequently requested pieces which work really well for what is the most important piece of the wedding!

The Orangery at Margam Park, South Wales

Signing Of The Register

This is the part of the ceremony where the music can really be heard most and where’s there’s usually sufficient time to play at least two, but most often three pieces.

Once again, anything that’s featured or listed anywhere on this website could be chosen.


Couple Recessional

And finally, something to be played as the newly married couple leaves the Ceremony Room.

Something upbeat and quickly recognisable is what I always recommend since there will be a lot of applause, whooping and, very often confetti throwing to compete with whatever piece is chosen.

I have listed a few ‘upbeat’ suggestions opposite but couples can choose whatever they like!