Live Streaming Pianist


Live streaming during the Covid 19 ‘lock-down’…

Piano live streaming for parties and events. Hire a live streaming pianist. On-line pianist. Live streaming pianist in the UK. Virtual pianist streaming for weddings, parties and events. Live piano requests during lockdown. Live piano player on YouTube. Live pianist taking requests live on the internet. Hire a virtual pianist. Hire a musician online for your party. Live streaming pianist for your birthday party. Live streaming pianist for your wedding. Live streaming pianist for a wedding anniversary. Pianist taking live requests on the internet. Streaming musician for your wedding, party or event. Live streaming music for care homes. Since the beginning of the current Covid 19 ‘stay at home’ lock-down, Richard Sully has been live streaming on his Facebook page at: He now broadcasts two hours of live piano requests five times a week to many thousands of people both in the UK and all over the world.

He is able to stream live performances in high quality audio and video, meaning that performances can be viewed on anything from a mobile phone to a large screen TV. CD quality sound has resulted in his streams being listened to and watched daily from places as diverse as the staff office at the Tower of London to a safari lodge on the Zambezi in Africa!

As the months of ‘lock-down’ have unfolded, Richard has become increasingly adept at performing over the web and has enjoyed broadcasting to the new audience he is able to reach. A considerable number of private bookings, both in the UK and abroad, have resulted from his near daily web streams and he has been able to help local charities which have been suffering due to the current crisis.

In these changed times, Richard is now regularly asked to ‘live stream’ over the internet for birthday parties, wedding anniversary dinners and the like. With the current difficulties caused by the need to social distance likely to be with us for some time yet, having Richard stream a live performance over the internet direct to your event might be something you’d want to consider.

Video explaining how it all works…


Choose your own playlist and make live requests…

The beauty of booking Richard to stream directly over the internet to your party or event is that you and your guests can make live requests in real time, making each stream a unique and bespoke performance. Anything listed on Richard’s ‘Repertoire List’ could be chosen to be played, just about everything listed there is rehearsed and up-to-speed and so could be chosen as part of a ‘request a favourite song’ session with your family, friends or work colleagues.


How to book a live internet performance and prices…

For the rest of 2020 and for 2021, Richard can be booked for live performances over the internet at a pro rata rate of £150.00 for the first hour and £75.00 for every extra hour after that. There would be no VAT added.The fee would be payable by BACS one day before your party or event. On the day of the performance, you will be sent an e-mail sending you a private YouTube link which cannot be viewed by anyone else.

Richard will ‘go live’ 15 minutes prior to the agreed start time and all that remains to be done is for you, the client, to click on the live link on the e-mail to view the performance. Where possible, the best results will be achieved by hooking the broadcast up to a speaker system or large TV. You won’t believe the quality of the sound and HD picture resolution!


Prices for live streaming 2020/2021

Private live stream to your party or special event (1 hour playing)………………………..£150.00 (USD $215.00 / Euro €175.00)
Private live stream to your party of special event (2 hours playing)………………..…..…£225.00 (USD $290.00 / Euro €250.00)
Private live stream to your party or special event (3 hours playing)………………………£300.00 (USD $390.00 / Euro €330.00)
(There will be no VAT added to the prices shown)